Nominate Your Company as a Top Workplace

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There’s no better time than now for the Top Workplaces awards. With the “great resignation” a not-too-distant memory, workers are in the driver’s seat for the first time in decades. As a result, companies are competing for talent, and they’re looking for ways to stand out from the competition.

That’s why the 2022 Long Island Top Workplaces comes as such an opportune time.

Beginning March 6, employers and employees in Nassau or Suffolk County are eligible to nominate their company — or any company — as a Top Workplace, as long as it has more than 35 employees.

For employers, this represents a chance to earn a designation as a Top Workplace, a badge of honor that HR can use to attract top talent and retain it.

For employees, it’s an opportunity to sound off if your company has fallen short in any number of ways. It’s also a way to scout for future employment opportunities with companies that rank.

Schneps Media, which publishes The Long Island Press, Dan’s Papers, and Noticia, has partnered with Energage, a research company that conducts Top Workplaces surveys for media in more than 50 markets at more than 70,000 organizations. This is the fifth year of the program running on Long Island.

Here’s how it works: You nominate a company that you think is worthy.

Energage invites the nominated companies to participate by conducting a survey of the employees.

Entrants will also receive a complimentary culture review from Energage, which will highlight what your company is doing well and what needs more attention

The Details

Who can nominate: It’s free to anyone

Who can enter: Any public, private, nonprofit or government employer with at least 35 employees in Nassau or Suffolk County.

Nomination deadline: April 8, 2022

Length of survey: 24 quick questions that can be answered in five minutes.

You can nominate your company of choice online here:


Phone number for nominations: (516) 274-0621